Vamp was created to consult and assist individuals with the desire to acquire the proper elements needed to balance and bring success to a residence or commercial space. With the ease of movement and the use of honest materials we are aesthetically, innovatively and professionally devoted to the pursuit and practice of interior and exterior design.

Our design model and philosophy are structured on the principles of Feng Shui and Design Psychology while incorporating knowledge, experience and the resources to make each space unique and effective.

Our years of experience are based on a selective portfolio of designs and projects managed worldwide. We give emphasis to human nature and the psychology that responds to the immediate needs of an individual or group of individuals within a space. Each design is articulate and customized to an individual's personality and life style to create a space that responds to desire, function and budget.

Our services and consultations include the design of interiors, exterior, landscapes, Feng Shui and furniture. In addition to design we manage project development, construction and material procurement.