Design Psychology: Fundamentals

The topic of human nature and behavior has always peaked our interest. What motivates human behavior? What defines the human factor or our driving force? In its simplest form, it is now believed, that as human beings we ultimately seek attention and affection. These stimuli can be sought and embraced through different levels of interaction and environments.

Studies validated through empirical data show that the average human being spends their day predominately absorbed in a work setting or work related factors. Other empirical data show that work, work related and home environments play a crucial and vital role in the driving force defining the human factor.

Base on these findings it is evident that the efficiency of work or home environment is directly related to their work setting and a give a directly proportional stage to the home environment.

Human Factor:
• Motivation
• Attention & Affection
• Stimulating the human factor
• Work Settings
• Home Settings
• Social Settings