Feng Shui

Feng meaning wind and Shui meaning water give rise to the concept 'movement by waveform'. Feng Shui is a discipline that seeks to establish balance and perfection through the movement of objects and their surrounding environment. The goal of Feng Shui is to coordinate the use of energy properties (Chi - life force energy) and attributes found in objects, people and spaces in order to find their quintessential benefits and functionality. Feng Shui's roots and essence are derived from a philosophy or way of life called Taoism. Taoism seeks perfection and prosperity through movement and balance. It emulates and follows the footsteps of nature with the belief that nature is balanced and in perfect accord and that discordance is solely created by man.

Feng Shui in its form first appeared during the HSIA dynasty. The emperor sought console from Taoist priests out of the need to maintain balance and order of the Chinese empire. Taoist priests were commissioned to lay out the design of everything from palaces to entire cities for health, prosperity, and happiness for all who resided there. This established two types of Feng Shui. Feng Shui for spaces found both internal and external and Feng Shui for personal prosperity. The later was divided into two forms, one for royalty and the other for the masses.

Vamp studies, practices and implements Feng Shui by using original Taoist techniques and methodologies. While utilizing nature's elements as a guideline and model to success we emphasize that each individual's environment is unique.We embrace and interpret a space through a hierarchy of matter and energy patterns. Everything is energy subjected by magnetic fields of gravitational inertia, including ourselves. With Feng Shui we aim to establish complementary relationships that start at a subatomic level and extend to a macro materialized form.