Feng Shui Design

In Feng Shui Design we take our experience and knowledge of design and combine it with a system that uniquely studies energy patterns and behavioral characteristics of materials and people relevant to where they are placed.

This system places materials and objects within a space attentive to geographical orientation, dimensions and the individuals that occupy that space to maximize the use of attributes, effects, success and the enhancement of the human potential.

Everything has its place in Feng Shui and we diligently guide and assist this process to its optimal potential. Our main objective is to achieve integration and balance of a space through the implementation of appropriate elements and their orientation. Our design base uses and emulates the attributes found in water, wood, fire, earth and metal. We provide a full assessment and analysis including an in-depth report containing extensive recommendations and enhancements to achieve the desired objective and assist in your success.

Our residential and commercial audits focus on four main areas: geographic orientation, environment, dimensions of space and the occupants. Initial consultation and site surrey are complementary within the South Florida region. We also travel outside of Florida addressing projects worldwide.
• Residential
• Commercial: offices, restaurants, retail, healthcare, manufacturing
• Real Estate: agents, brokers, new home buyers and sellers