Any experience, of the most ordinary, has an indefinite total setting. Things, objects and people are only the focal point of a here and now in a whole that stretches out indefinitely. This is a qualitative background which is defined and made definitely conscious in particular objects and specified properties and qualities. There is something mystical in the degree in which the sense, the feeling of the unlimited envelope becomes intense as it may do in the experience of an object of Art. Although there is a bounding horizon, it moves as we move. We are never wholly free from the sense of something that lies beyond. But whether the scope of vision is vast or minute, our experience is part of a large whole and inclusive whole, a part that now focuses our experience. A work of art elicits and accentuates this quality of being a whole and belonging to the larger, all inclusive, whole which is the universe in which we live. Our Art programs and shows are dedicated to established and emerging Artist in all media. We aim to explore the depths and subtleties of the human experience, while allowing a subjective and individual reflection towards the understanding of the human condition and the surrounding environment. Please contact us for a consultation and portfolio.