"I was born in Genova, in 1972, at the Galliera di Genova Hospital (Italy): a pretty healthy baby boy, born to a well known figurative artist, my father, and to a painter and pattern maker for Dior, Paris since the 50s, my mother (gorgeous but not sexy women). My father; I am going to spend a few words on my father. My father, the most intelligent man I have ever met in my life. He was so intelligent that his intelligence exceeded his renowned talent. He was a highly appreciated and sophisticated painter, a figurative painter. I hate figurative style. I use that type of production to reinterpret it or to destroy it. In many cases, my ego pushes me to decode either the production or the artist. Anyway, my father, the famous painter, decided that I did not have any talent when I was 3. At 3 I painted only pirates’ galleons. Only pirates! No little houses with smoking chimneys; no smiling sun. Only big wooden galleons packed with damned predators. Only thanks to my mother’s intervention, I was able to avoid the law school for the art academy. I remember very well the art academy. Beside the art history, there wasn’t a damn thing to learn from professors already drained, bored, and cynic. There was though a good point in attending classes: there were a lot of girls. Just about everywhere. Later on I will become worldwide famous for the symbolic use of the dollar sign, but it is back then when those girls made me realize that without a car you are nobody. I was 18, maybe 19; I did not have a car on my own; I did not have a copy of my father’s outrageously expensive Mercedes. I can’t recall how many of them I fucked; a lot, anyway. Certain days I had sex with no less than 3 or 4. One day I have to dedicate an artwork to Valmont. Do you know Valmont? No? Review French literature. Shall I go ahead? From then on the world has not changed: it’s all about money, money, money, money. My main attempt is to bring just for a moment, or for the entire life, the spectator of one of my artworks to the humanistic, natural dimension away from the social one. The social dimension is infected with the money, racisms, useless wars and hypocrisy. The natural dimension gives a chance to everyone. Here you are in the savannah with an axe in your hand and a hungry lion in front of you. You can’t run away; you can only confront it. At that precise moment all it matters is the human nature, not your fucking account at the Chase Manhattan Bank. If you can survive, you are alive; if you are torn in pieces, you are dead. I accept this. I do not accept to be eaten by credit or debit cards. Do you want to make money? Make it, then! Make it a lot! But do not ever forget that you clean your ass like a poor does. Do not ever forget that the sun that wakes you up is the same that wakes up the poor; that the moon that gets you sleepy is the same that gives rest to patients at the hospital. This is my art: money against nature. There are two winners: nature and HUMA."